10 Fashion Tips That Every Girl Should Know

A fashion faux pas is a sartorial sin that can be sniffed by a fashion maven from a million miles. A bad choice in the store, not knowing how to pair the colours or hasty purchases translate into a volatile cocktail of fashion catastrophe. Before you hang yourself from the closet, we’ve rounded up 10 fashion tips for you that every girl (and guy) should know! The best part- It’s all available at Kohl’s.

1. The right bra can literally UPLIFT your outfit

Unsurprisingly, about 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra since they only go for a bra fitting once in their lifetime. While your bra might feel comfortable, it's futile if it’s not exactly fitting to the contours of your body. If you can’t fit two fingers underneath your bra band comfortably, it’s probably too tight. If the band is rising up your back it means you're wearing a size too big. Kohl’s has a quiz to find you the perfect fit from over 900 options of bras!

2. Accessories save the day

I love accessories because they give a personal touch to the outfit and the way you accessorize is a reflection of your style. Accessories are a boon for a lousy dresser. Add a scarf, handbag, sunglasses, hat or a statement jewelry and voila! You’ve successfully transformed your basic outfit into looking like a million bucks. However, there is such a thing as “too much” so don’t put on everything and look like a candy store. You can find the trendiest accessories at Kohl’s that starts from $5 only!

3. Don’t buy too many impractical shoes

We’ve all been there. We’ve all done that. We’ve bought those extremely stunning heels that have been worn only once in our lifetime because they’re just too damn uncomfortable! I’m talking blisters, pinching, shooting pain, and, in extreme cases, even sprains. Here comes a plot twist: comfortable shoes that look nice do exist! Go for platforms, wedges, heeled boots, clogs, pumps, or micro heeled-mules instead. What’s more, they’re available at Kohl’s and you can order them online to avail free shipping as well.

4. Layering = Instant outfit upgrade

Layer your shirts, blouses and dresses. An outfit can go from ew to aw by just adding a simple cardigan, jacket, or plaid shirt. Layering is an editor's secret weapon. A mere jacket elevates denim, polishes flowy dresses, looks chic thrown over the shoulders and takes slim trousers to the board room. If you’re confused about where to find the perfect shrugs, jackets or shirts, visit Kohl’s that has an array of women’s clothing.

5. If you can’t think of at least two places where you can wear it, don’t buy it

I’m talking about versatility, pieces you can wear more than one way. A scarf is one such item that you can customize a million ways. Similarly, you can’t go wrong with a white shirt that you can wear literally anywhere-from a concert to a board meeting. Shirt dresses are just sorcery- layer them, wear them as is or as a top. Also, Kohl’s has a huge stock of black T-shirts that can be worn to work, dressed up for a date, and dressed down for casual wear.

6. Don’t be scared of colors!

Colors can be daunting but they’re just the easiest way to freshen your look for a new season, so just embrace whatever color is currently trending. Colors are the fastest way to stand out on an endlessly-updating feed. As a novice, start with one bright color coupled with a subdued hues. From pastels to neons, you can find all shades of the rainbow at Kohl’s at crazily reasonable prices.

7. Always carry a lipstick, hair brush and perfume with you

Visualise this- it’s 6pm and your boyfriend calls you to tell that his friends want to meet you after work for drinks. You obviously can’t go home to get ready. Look inside your bag and use the holy trinity to primp yourself instantly. Tame those fly-aways with the brush, put on a bright lipstick and spritz the perfume. Girl, you look fresh as a flower now! You’re welcome.

8. Embrace and accentuate your shape

It’s a no-brainer. Find the body part that you love and plan your outfit accordingly. Start filtering trends ruthlessly once you know which silhouettes flatter you. Highlight your legs in either short dresses or elongating jeans. If you're petite and shapely, it's better to avoid tall columns and billowy maxis. Rather pick a dress with a defined waist and just-above-the-knee hem. If you want to show your curves, emphasize your waist with belts or crop tops, bodycon dresses, pencil skirts and more available at Kohl’s. 

9. Too many prints spoil the broth (and the outfit)

Everyone loves prints but not everyone knows how to wear them. A print on print look is tricky to pull off and so it’s better if pair a print with something plain and perhaps leave the Brazilian jungle print look to the birds. A large pattern can look wonderful, but requires a lot of confidence to carry off, so you can start off with two-toned patterns. You can get the most affordable floral, geometric, polka, stripes and million more prints at Kohl’s app, website or stores. 

10. Invest in good denim jeans!!!

I believe that denim is to the wardrobe what grain is to food- a staple. Despite the gazillion odd pairs lying dormant in your closet, there are only a few that you like to wear on loop. Pick a few denim brands that you swear by. The next step is for you to decide what kind of fit you need (while skinny jeans are advertised the most, you don’t have to pick them). Evaluate the waist placement and the stretch you need in your jeans. And lastly, don’t worry! Buying a good pair of denims is no less than rocket science, but Kohl’s makes it easier with it’s wide range of options.

We’ve been told that fashion is supposed to be something we have fun with, but our wardrobe still exists as the underlying “base note” pulling together our public persona. Which is why the aforementioned repertoire of tips are the only paraphernalia you need in the minefield of fashion.