Shop to Love Sustainable Denim - Part 1

                                                                                                                                                                    Photo: Holt Renfrew

Denim is so practical and always in fashion so you’re likely tempted to fill your wardrobe with
them – but stop for a minute and think about how the denim you are buying is made. Most denim
that you know and wear is created using some major toxic chemical processes (sometimes upwards
of 30) and takes about 1500 gallons of water to make a single pair.

Luckily another trend this season is to embrace sustainable fashion – and some major denim
companies are totally on board! Here are a few of our favorites:


Phew – the old standard that we know and love is on our list! Levi’s is committed to the responsible production of denim by reducing their usage of water and chemicals. Their Water<Less™ and Waste<Less™ innovations are just the start of their sustainable fashion progress. Levi's is currently running a 30% off sale!


Once again, our Levi’s are saved! RE/DONE remasters vintage Levi’s into new fashions using water-saving and chemical-free processes.


Using ground-breaking Ozone and laser technologies to decrease their water and chemical usage
AG takes pride in controlling their impact on the environment by producing their denim in vertically integrated facilities and using sustainable fibers such as Tencel® and Modal®. AG currently has their semi-annual sale running with 30% off select styles.

Citizens of Humanity

Citizens of Humanity amped up their sustainable procedures for this year after witnessing some of
the worst droughts of California history and knowing they had to make a change. They are the very
first brand to use laser technology to add abrasions to denim, therefore majorly reducing water and
gas usage.

Outland Denim

This Australian line’s #zeroexploitation commitment offers education and training to women rescued from the trafficking industry and those vulnerable in society. This in addition to being committed to sourcing ethical and sustainable materials makes Outland Denim one of our top picks.