Fall 2011 Makeup Trend: Graphic Eyeliner

graphic eyeliner beauty trend Louis Vuitton Lanvin Giorgio Armani

Photos: Imaxtree

Get graphic: Statement eye makeup on the Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, and Giorgio Armani Fall 2011 runways

Simple and striking, graphic eyeliner was one of the best-looking beauty trends in Milan and Paris.

At D&G, makeup artist Pat McGrath went '60s style, drawing a thick, curving black line onto the upper lash line and covering almost the entire lid. To create the mod look, she used Dolce & Gabbana Black Crayon Intense and built it up to the density of a Mr. Sketch marker. (At Stella McCartney, McGrath took it down several notches—the line was akin to that of a Pentel. The result was very pretty.)

Things advanced at Giorgio Armani, where makeup artist Linda Cantello showed us not one but two lines. They flicked past the outer corners but never connected. Reaching out to nowhere, there was something theatrical about them.

At Louis Vuitton, McGrath went crazy and gave us three lines: one on the upper, another on the lower, and a third line near the inner corners of the eyes that resembled a little black whip, firmly in keeping with the show’s fetish theme.

The look was far less precise at Lanvin. There, McGrath traced the upper lash line with a greasy black shadow pencil (CoverGirl SmokyShadowBlast in Onyx, to be exact). She extended it past the outer corners, not bothering to taper it at the ends. Instead, the line hung out there, chunky, awkward, and squared off.

The imperfection was the point, McGrath said. Alber Elbaz wanted the liner to look like the girls had done it themselves, unintentionally giving hope to legions of women who find applying liner precisely about as easy as walking in a pair of Lanvin’s heels, however worth it.