Face Slapping Treatments Used Instead of Botox

Photo: Getty Images

Slap him back to youth.

The eternal quest to find the beauty equivalent of the fountain of youth continues with the most bizarre myths and methods.

From snail slime for clear skin to snake serum and dragon’s blood to prevent wrinkles, the latest in weird anti-aging beauty tricks is face slapping...

More aggressive and old-fashioned then one might imagine for a luxe beauty treatment, a new San Francisco massage parlor is offering a $350 slap in the face, according to the Huffington Post.

Tata Massage, owned by Bangkok-native Tata, opened recently in San Francisco advertizing the face slapping treatment.

A natural alternative to Botox, the pricey treatment includes intense slapping, pinching and smoothing to lift and firm one's complexion.

Tata, who is one of only ten licensed face-slappers in the world, and now the only one in the Western Hemisphere, claims the method has been passed down for generations.

Would you shell out the big bucks to get slapped around?