Urban Outfitters Causes Buzz Over Pro-Drinking T-Shirts


Truly Madly Deeply Vote For Vodka Muscle Tee, $29; Truly Madly Deeply USA Drinking Team Tank Top, $24.

Always on the cutting edge, Urban Outfitters is just almost always also on the edge of inappropriate.

From a girl-on-girl kiss to the Navajo Hipster Panty, the retail giant knows how to score with the rebellious, trend-obsessed teens.

This time the retail giant may have crossed the line with a controversial line of t-shirts flaunting slogans such as, “I Vote for Vodka,” “USA Drinking Team,” and “I Drink You’re Cute.”

If you walk into any high school, Urban's latest crop tops and skinny jeans are bound to dominate the hallways and school dances.

Thus, with Urban's demographic skewing even younger then the college crowd, the underage pro-alcohol tees and tanks are making parents furious.

The national president of MADD (Mother's Against Drunk Driving), told Shine, "Kids shouldn't be wearing these t-shirts... Marketing [alcohol-related products] to teens is not in any way acceptable."

The shirts are still being sold on

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