Costco’s $1 Million Diamond Ring

costco million dollar diamond
Costco is selling a $1 million diamond ring.

"I do" in aisle two?

Our favorite warehouse retailer is giving brides a little engagement bling to go with their Costco wedding gowns: a diamond ring costing $1 million, Time reports.

Boasting 6.77 carats, a platinum setting, and a $1.6 million value, the discounted bauble—marked down by $600,000—is the latest wedding-themed product to be carried by the bulk retailer, known for its supersized condiments.

In March the bargain wholesaler announced that it would launch a line of bridal gowns from designer Kirstie Kelly, with prices ranging from $699 to $1,399.

Of course, after dropping a cool million on the ring, chapel-bound shoppers may only have room in the wedding budget for a DIY gown made from a month's supply of toilet paper. Luckily, we know just the place to find that ...

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton will be opting for a more modest wedding band.