Not So Fast: Agyness Deyn Isn't Really Retiring from Modeling

Agyness Deyn
Photo: Patrick McMullan
Agyness Deyn

After telling The Independent just last week she was retiring from modeling, Agyness Deyn is readjusting her statement: she's here! Just not as much as she was before.

"I’m not retired, it’s just that I’m not doing it much because I’m doing something else. I’m not going to do fashion weeks, but it’s not like I’m never ever going to model ever again, that’s quite a bold statement," she tells Bullett in an interview for her new movie Pusher.

Okay, phew.

And if you needed more confirmation from the newly-married Deyn herself, she told The Daily Beast, “It’s really funny that it’s all around saying I’m retired...I’m definitely going to model again—just not as a full-time job.”

So maybe we'll catch her behind the scenes of another Rihanna video or shilling for Dr. Martens. It's not out the question!