Grace Coddington Wants Her Drawings Turned into an Animated Movie

Grace Coddington's illustration from her new memoir

Grace Coddington revealed a great many things during her live twitter session yesterday.

For one, she prefers Ryan Gosling to Channing Tatum; she also says that the key to breaking into the fashion industry is to have a love of cats. 

But amongst her clever witty tweets, we couldn't help but hold on to one that we can only hope becomes a truth in the near future.

When asked "Is there something in your that still dreams to do?" the Vogue Creative Director replied, "An animated movie of my sketches."

While her new memoir promises an array of never-before-seen illustrations, there's no denying that they'd work fantastically in an animated film, especially with Grace in the director's role.

Do we sense a new fashion film in the future?