Tucker, Zoe Cassavetes Team Up For Fashion Film

After partnering on a polka-dot print for Spring 2011, Tucker designer Gaby Basora and filmmaker pal Zoe Cassavetes are staking out a collaboration sequel of a different sort.

Cassevetes, the director behind Miu Miu's The Powder Room, is going back behind the camera for Tucker's Spring 2012 fashion film, which is billed as "a story of two very different women who want the same thing."

Liberty Ross, as a diva movie star, and Monet Mazur, as a downtrodden film assistant with big dreams, play the women in question, but it's undoubtedly Basora's cheerful designs—think floral caftans, polka-dot tea dresses, and a killer blue skirt suit—who are the star of the show in this witty silent film.

Though the ladies share a love of Tucker, their lives couldn't be more different. While Mazur takes out the trash and throws out curdled milk, Ross preens in front of the mirror and gets breakfast in bed from a hunky underling.

Their paths cross when Mazur is sent to deliver a script to Ross, which she promptly tosses at the poor girl's head. As luck would have it, Mazur winds up reading the script, crashes the casting, and gets into a minor scuffle with Ross before both are given roles and speed off in the movie star's convertible as new BFFs.

Has fashion found its own Thelma and Louise? Watch and find out!