Katy Perry Wears Pro-Obama Ballot Dress

Photo: Getty Images
Katy Perry.

Looks like President Obama has found another A-list supporter.

Just days after Beyonce stepped out wearing pro-Obama earrings, Katy Perry has stormed the stage at a rally for the president wearing a body-con dress that makes it clear where her political allegiances lie.

Performing at a free Obama rally In Las Vegas last night, the pop star got political in a white dress made to look like a voting ballot, with the box next to Obama and Joe Biden very clearly marked.

It remains to be seen whether Perry's influence will sway voters, but is yet another sartorial victory for the Obama campaign. Obama supporter Anna Wintour has already been accused of using her influence to deter top designers from outfitting Ann Romney, while fashion notables like Tom Ford have also been vocal about their Democratic ties.

Where you at, Red Staters?