Katy Perry’s VMAs Hair

katy perry vma hair
Photo: Getty Images
Katy Perry favored the ’40s when it came to her hair (a new hue, of course) at the VMAs.

If you’re going to take home three VMAs, you’d better hope you’re having a good hair day.

Luckily, Katy Perry—who won big at the August 28 MTV VMAs—was, all thanks to a 1940s-inspired ’do created by Fekkai celebrity stylist Renato Campora.

Taking his cue from the pop star’s neon Asian-style cheongsam from Atelier Versace, which she paired with a paper parasol and pink Jimmy Choo heels, Campora fashioned Perry’s newly lavender locks into retro waves accented with a floral hair clip.

The stylist first created a side part in Perry’s wet hair, then applied Fekkai Full Volume Mousse throughout the hair before blow-drying using a round brush.

Once dry, he used a 1/2-inch curling iron to give the hair shape. After cooling the curls off, Campora let them set for 15 minutes before brushing the hair.

A shot of Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray sealed the look while adding a lustrous shine. 

Finally, for that extra taste of the Orient, he took a one-inch strand of the hair and pinned it back with a vintage floral hairpiece, securing it with a bobby pin.

Far out and Far East? We dig it!

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