Watch Alexander McQueen’s Trippy Fall 2012 Campaign Film

Looks like Kenzo might have some stiff competition in the fashion film stakes.

Alexander McQueen has just released its campaign video for Fall 2012, taking viewers on a trippy sci-fi odyssey filled with billowing ruffles, mirrored visors, and a psychedelic display of flashing lights that would give even Grace Slick pause. (Speaking of flashbacks, is the frenetic instrumental soundtrack making anyone else recall Knight Rider?)

Platinum-tressed model Suvi Koponen pairs Sarah Burton's alien-chic Plexiglas visors and ruffled heels with a voluminous violet organza get-up for the shoot, which was lensed by photographer David Sims. Sims also shot the label's print campaign, which has no shortage of frothy frocks and otherwordly, Gareth Pugh-esque props.

Almost makes one yearn for an alien invasion ...