Erin Wasson Is a Heimlich Hottie in Vs. Short Film

Word to the wise: If Erin Wasson comes calling with a dinner invitation, it's probably best to chew very, very slowly.

Unless, of course, the risk of choking to death is worth the opportunity to be violently throttled by the Texas-born supermodel before she seductively dislodges the offending object from your throat. But oh, what a way to go!

In The Heimlich Maneuver, a short film directed by Jenna Elizabeth for Vs. Magazine, the Givenchy-clad beauty greedily stabs at her steak as she dines with fellow model Lydia Carron, who suddenly starts choking.

Wasson comes to the rescue with some vigorous half-nelson action before laying Carron on the floor, stripping her down, and straddling her as she performs the most erotic CPR session we've ever seen.

At last, she plucks out the object—a bauble from Georg Jensen's Moonlight Grape collection—and makes her getaway while Carron slowly comes to. That'll teach her to eat jewelry!

Want to see more of Wasson's wicked ways? She's sporting fangs in the new film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. On second thought, looks like Carron got off lucky ...