Julianne Moore Stars in Vs. Fashion Film

You can always trust Julianne Moore to sink her teeth into a juicy role.

This time she's teaming up with Vs. Magazine and director Jenna Elizabeth for Knowing Remembers, a short fashion film that's guaranteed to give us all a few unsettling nightmares (two words: Russian dolls!).

The flame-haired actress—who also covered the magazine's Spring 2012 issue—dons a fuchsia By Malene Birger dress and Cartier jewelry in the film, which was shot at Flavor Paper in Brooklyn.

While a somewhat creepy soundtrack of tinkling piano keys plays, images of a pensive Moore are interspersed with shots of a dog and a fancy but cold and ominous apartment. Beaded curtains flutter, Moore longingly sniffs a bouquet of roses, a faucet drips, Russian nesting dolls appear to move ... and we plug in a nightlight and search for monsters under our bed.

Don't say we didn't warn you!