Michael Kors Employees Share Style Secrets in ‘Living the Kors Life’ Video Series

Turns out working for Michael Kors is pretty much as awesome as you'd imagine.

Don't believe us? Just check out "Living the Kors Life," the just-launched digital video and blog series for the designer's newly revamped Destination Kors website.

Designed to "showcase the rich mix of personalities, lifestyles, fashion sensibilities, passions, and perspectives of women who work at and wear Michael Kors," the series will see Kors employees opening up their designer-laden wardrobes.

“I have always loved seeing the way so many chic women with very different lives and styles wear my designs,” Kors says in a statement. “I can say with certainty that no matter where I am in the world, my customers are a varied group, and they love to put their own spin on the pieces. When I thought about how, now as a global brand, we could communicate an understanding of the scope of women who are ‘very Michael Kors,’ I took one look around my office and said, let’s start right here!”

The series kicks off with PR coordinator Savannah, a Southern sorority girl turned West Village fashion plate who's not afraid to rock a ballgown to the office (with a T-shirt, of course) or pair head-to-toe cheetah print with turquoise python heels. Sounds like our kind of girl!

Two other Kors employees will appear in the first batch of videos running until August 31, with weekly blog posts and clickable "Get Her Look" sidebars allowing viewers to shop each woman's wardrobe with just a few clicks. Going forward, the label is hoping to introduce additional employees from around the globe in an effort to show how different cultures translate the Project Runway judge's designs.

“Especially as this series expands," Kors explains, "it will continue to serve to prove one of the fundamental ideas on which I’ve built my company—that everything I design has to play as well to women in Singapore as it does to women in Chicago. ‘Living The Kors Life’ will really drive home this reality.”

Fire up the laptops and let the closet worshiping begin!