Coco Rocha Busts a Move in Longchamp’s ‘Oh, My Bag!’ Film

If this modeling thing doesn't pan out for Coco Rocha, she might just be able to fall back on a career as a Rockette.

The Canadian beauty joins Liisa Winkler and Alexia Level for a sassy sidewalk shuffle in Longchamp's new Spring 2012 campaign film, the latest in a string of fashion ads calling on the likes of Karen Elson and Arizona Muse to boogie down.

Directed by dancer and choreographer Blanca Li, "Oh, My Bag!" sees the leggy trio—all decked out in leather hot pants, oversized sunglasses, wedge sandals, and colorful handbags—channeling Gene Kelly as they bust out some step-ball-change action down the street. And don't get us started on the "leg guitar." 

We're pretty impressed with Rocha's ability to flip herself over a police barricade, but the ending has us confused. Who could ever carelessly fling a Longchamp purse into the air?