Coco Rocha Responds to 'Skinnier Than Ever' Criticism

coco rocha skinny
Photo: Getty Images
Coco Rocha at the Elle Style Awards.

It's Coco vs. Coco, Round One.

Coco Rocha is fighting back after a post on the Coco Perez fashion blog commented that she was "looking skinnier than ever" at the Elle Style Awards, where she was named Model of the Year.

"Whatever the case may be, we hope she's OK and more importantly healthy," says the blog, which posted photos of the beauty in an Alexander McQueen dress.

Now Rocha, who last year dealt with speculation about her weight after it was reported that being a size 4 made her "too fat" for the runway, has taken to Tumblr to address the matter.

"It's ironic, to say the least, that almost exactly a year later I’m now reading a series of blogs like THIS [Coco Perez]—again about my size, but now on the other end of the spectrum," the Canadian catwalker writes.

"One or two unflattering photos do not constitute an eating disorder. Neither does gaining a pound or two one season over the last constitute me 'too fat.' I assure you, I am happy, fit and healthy as ever. I have to laugh though… it's sort of ridiculous that the difference between being 'too fat for the runway' and 'unhealthily thin' is about 2 or 3 pounds these days. Its a bizzare [sic] world we live in…"

You tell 'em, lady.

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