Is Karlie Kloss Skipping Fashion Week?

Karlie Kloss
Photo: Imax Tree
Will Karlie Kloss be MIA?

She’s undoubtedly one of the top models of the moment, scoring magazine spreads and Angel wings alike. But will Karlie Kloss—she of the legs that were made for the runway—be missing out on this season’s Fashion Weeks?

According to CNN’s resident fashion maven, Alina Cho, it’s a possibility.

“HEARING: @karliekloss cancelled all catwalk appearances in NY for a big opportunity... #nyfw #backstagepass #cnn,” Cho tweeted last night.

Fashionista speculates that the “big opportunity” might be an acting gig or a Burberry exclusive; she dished to Modelinia recently that she’d never walked in the show before.

Whatever the reason—perhaps a major glossy or commercial shoot in a faraway locale?—we hope it’s not true. We’d miss that signature stride!