B Brian Atwood’s ‘B Untamed’ Video

Looks like we're not the only ones who do a happy dance when we see a fab pair of heels.

Dubbed "B Untamed Through Fringe," a new video released by B Brian Atwood shows a dark-haired beauty (and, no, we're not referring to Atwood himself, who makes a quick cameo as a bar patron) deliriously gyrating on stage as she shows off her fringed Cassiane heels.

And who can blame her? The sexy shoe is a black snakeskin-stamped sandal boasting a sparkling platform and heel along with a chain fringe that drapes over the ankle (or shimmies and shakes, depending on what move the wearer opts for).

Paired with a sparkly black minidress and silver tasseled bangles, it's a shoe that's just begging for a dance partner. Not, as the video proves, that you really need one ...