Market Watch: Brian Atwood

Brian Atwood studded flats

Brian Atwood's shoes are like red velvet cake—I can stare at them all I want but they're still not good for me. Higher than high, dangerously sexy, I'll no doubt injure myself as I teeter around in them. Let's just say I'm of the clumsy variety.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was that Atwood has evening flats for Fall. The Didi Borchie is a pale pink suede with studded grommets and tied with a ribbon. It's soft and sweet but rock and roll at the same time. I used to say I'd never pay a lot for flats. For these I will.

Brian Atwood pumps

The Lysander heels are quite possibly the sexiest pumps I've seen in a while. The lace-up backs and thick heels that curve at the top bring attention to your legs—as any good pair of shoes should. These are for date night (provided we're not walking far).

Brian Atwood booties

The purple suede Ami boots (far left) are what fashion girls call walking shoes. Look at how practical that heel is! And there's a tread on the sole. Why, you could run errands in these! Granted, the green Cohens (far right) are the vamped-up cousins to the Ami, but if you get both, you have day and night booties. This is what my dreams are made of.

The shoes land in stores in August.

Photos: The Didi Borchie flat (top), the Lysander heels (center), and the Ami and Cohen boots (bottom)