Louis Vuitton Sues Warner Bros. Over ‘Hangover 2’

The Hangover Part II Louis Vuitton luggage

Photo: Melinda Sue Gordon/ courtesy of Warner Bros.

Not gonna fly: Fake Louis Vuitton luggage was used in The Hangover Part II.

Note to the Hangover boys: You can mess with gangsters and even drug-running monkeys, but don't think about trying to pull a fast one on Louis Vuitton.

The luxury label has filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. in which it accuses the The Hangover Part II of using counterfeit bags in place of their iconic monogrammed luggage, Women's Wear Daily reports.

The scene in question sees Zach Galifianakis's character Alan toting an LVM-emblazoned bag and telling his friend, "Careful, that is a Louis Vuitton."

Alan's mispronouncement of the Vuitton name suggests that he's actually carrying a knockoff, and indeed, he is.

Louis Vuitton claims that the filmmakers ignored their pleas to not use fake bags for the airport scene, as it causes "consumer confusion."

Adding insult to injury is the fact that the fake luggage comes from Diophy, which Vuitton is currently suing before the International Trade Commission.

The fashion house is asking for a cut of the film's profits, as well as triple damages. It is also demanding that Warner Bros. destroy all copies of the film, and its promotional materials, which feature the fake bag.

That ought to sober them up!