Vogue Italia’s Karlie Kloss Photoshop Accusations

Karlie Kloss controversial Vogue Italia photoshopping anorexia
Karlie Kloss's controversial Vogue Italia photo

Just when the controversy about Karlie Kloss's nude body in the December issue of Vogue Italia was starting to die down, the magazine's decision to remove one of the young model's images has ignited a new round of speculation.

A photo from the teen cover star's fashion spread with Steven Meisel has been pulled from the magazine's site following reader comments that it was heavily Photoshopped and even seemed to glorify anorexia, Fashion Copious reports.

The black and white shot shows the new Victoria's Secret recruit flashing an awkwardly jutted-out hip as she models unzipped hot pants, a cropped leather jacket, and a wide-brimmed straw hat.

Though evidence proving that the image was airbrushed has yet to surface, Fashionista reports that its readers expressed shock over the 19-year-old's "contorted" and "creepy" body when the image was posted on Facebook.

Comments ranged from "that's not sit-ups ... that's anorexia" to "this is not how women are supposed to look."

The magazine has yet to issue an explanation for the image's removal, though it has been outspoken about anorexia in the past. Earlier this year editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani launched a petition against pro-anorexia Web sites for glamorizing the serious condition.

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