Kohl’s Spoofs Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’

It's official: Rebecca Black is totally having the last laugh.

She's already starred in Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night" video, and now the pop star wannabe has landed a cameo in a new Kohl's commercial that spoofs her infamous, "Friday." 

Eagle-eyed viewers will spy the teen as a shopper in a red coat as a woman in a green sweater croons about her passion for the retailer's shopping deals during (sing it with us) Black Friday, Black Friday. (We have to admit, it's pretty genius.)

"It's Black Friday, Black Friday, going to go to Kohl's on Black Friday," the perky actress sings. "Everybody's going there at midnight, midnight."

One warning, though. Even the star of the ad admits that she "can't get this darn song out of my head." Proceed with caution!

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