40 Percent of Women in Heels Fall, Study Finds

40 percent of women who wear heels fall
Photo: ©iStockphoto.com / Ryan Lane
Talk about head over heels ...

Twisted ankles come with the territory when you’re wearing spindly stilettos—just ask the handful of models who take a tumble on the runway each season.

A new study shows that more than 40 percent of women who wear heels have had some sort of shoe-related accident, most often falling over.

The Telegraph reports that heels up to three inches in height increase pressure on the ball of the foot, and heels over three inches can cause up to seven times as much pressure. They can also increase the wearer’s risk of arthritis of the knee, cause bunions and hammertoes, and shorten calf muscles.

But because women are unlikely to live in sneakers, Dr. Luisa Dillner has a few tips to keep those feet in tip-top shape. “Don't wear high heels as everyday shoes,” she advises. “Limit the time you wear them to no more than five hours. When you walk in heels, glide rather than stomp and put the heel down before the ball of your foot. Wear flat shoes if you have to do any serious walking.” (With one in three women carrying backup flats at any given time, looks like we've gotten the memo!)

While we may never be willing to give up those precious platforms—apparently our love for heels comes from our mothers, maybe these words of wisdom will help keep face-plants to a minimum …

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