More Men Wearing High Heels

men wearing high heels to make themselves appear taller

Photo: Getty Images

Tall order: Men are turning to heels for a little extra height.

Why shouldn’t the guys get the leg-lengthening benefits of a gorgeous pair of stilettos? That’s a question many men have been asking themselves recently—and answering by putting their best heel-clad foot forward.

No, it’s not drag. Instead, the New York Times reports that more and more males are just into adding extra inches to their going-out looks.

“I literally look at girls and think, you have so many options,” Coy Barton told the Times. “You have jumpers, you have skirts, you have dresses, you have pants, you have shorts. Boys have pants and shorts. Or suits and a shirt.”

But from Yves Saint Laurent to Alexander McQueen to Balenciaga, men are digging to find extra-large sizes—or having them custom made.

“I love the height,” said Gregory Alexander. “It helps when you’re in a club. I’ve bought Louis Vuitton. I’ve bought Gucci. But a lot of designers don’t go high enough for me. I found a company in Arizona that will do 15-inch heels for $3,000.”

As for women who partake in the sky-high heel trend, the ‘why’ for this craze shouldn’t come as a surprise.

“It’s a power thing,” Alexander said. “You’re higher than everybody else. You make more sound. You walk a different way. It makes your legs look better.”

The only question now: Manolos or Louboutins?