One in Three Women Carry Extra Shoes When Wearing Heels, Study Finds

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Photo: Piotr Powietrzynski / Getty Images
Killer heels: Fifty percent of women said they'd rather go barefoot than suffer painful shoes.

Wearing heels? Better bring a roomy handbag.

A new British survey from shoe specialist Hotter Shoes has found that one in three women stash a pair of comfortable shoes in their bags when stepping out in high heels, the Daily Mail reports.

And can you blame them? Of the 2,000 women polled, 81 percent said heels hurt their feet, causing them to look for comfier alternatives. And nearly 46 percent of women admitted to leaving the house in flats or sneakers before changing into stilettos at the last second. (How Working Girl of them.)

"The research highlights the amount of pain women encounter in uncomfortable shoes but shows they are willing to do something about it—logically shoes that look good and feel fantastic are the answer," spokeswoman Lisa McCarten tells the paper.

"We were astounded to find comfy shoes often being seen as 'handbag accessories' in women's daily lives. Shoes shouldn't have to be worn in—it should be a pleasure to put on a brand new pair of shoes, not a pain."

But though only one in 10 women said she owns a pair of comfortable high heels, 84 percent of women still slip on heels for a night out.

The study also found that heels cause pain for 34 percent of women within just an hour, and 60 percent of heel-wearers bring Band-Aids with them in case of cuts or blisters.

If a pair of comfy flats isn't within reach, we're clearly not above going barefoot. More than half of women admitted to taking off their shoes when they couldn't take the pain anymore.

Talk about suffering for your art!

Meanwhile, another study finds that women inherit their taste in heels from their mothers.