Royal Wedding Dress by ABS Allen Schwartz Already Finished

That was fast!

After waking up at 1:30 a.m. P.T. to catch every minute of the royal wedding—or, more specifically, the royal wedding dress—knockoff king Allen Schwartz of ABS has his version ready to go.

The Sarah Burton for Alexander Queen gown, which was praised by fashion insiders and royal wedding-watchers for its elegance and timelessness, has already been recreated by Schwartz and will ship to stores June 30. Summer brides, rejoice—or something.

“She really looked fantastic,” Schwartz said during an appearance on the Today show. “It was a dress a lot of people could wear … a simple, elegant dress, in very good taste.”

Of course, the painstaking detail of the original has been dialed back quite a bit: The lace around the bodice is different, and rather than luxe satin gazar, the gown is made of polyester.

“It’ll have the look and will be a lot more salable and a lot less pricey,” Schwartz told Women’s Wear Daily.

Not on a Duchess of Cambridge budget? Schwartz’s copy will retail for between $500 and $800 dollars, according to Today.

Catherine’s wedding dress isn’t the only McQueen creation Schwartz is putting his spin on. Maid of honor Pippa’s gown will also get the ABS treatment.

“I’m already doing a dress very similar,” he told WWD. “I like it just for the conversation.”

And Kate Middleton's after-party dress is likely getting the royal replica treatment as we type.