Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress: Alexander McQueen? Sarah Burton Reportedly Seen at Goring Hotel

kate middleton
Photo: Getty Images
Sarah Burton may have entered the Goring Hotel where Kate Middleton is staying.

A woman trying to hide her identity with a parka was spotted going into London’s Goring hotel on April 28. Could it be Sarah Burton, creative director at Alexander McQueen? 

“The woman scuttling into the Goring hotel, the Middleton family HQ, in London on Thursday hid her long blonde hair under a fur ‘trapper’ hat in an attempt to avoid being ‘spotted’ by swarms of photographers and television crews,” writes the Telegraph’s Hilary Alexander.

“But she overlooked one crucial clue—her accessories. And that is something someone in the fashion business who does not want to be ‘seen’ should never do,” Alexander added.

So what led her to suspect the woman might be Burton?

“The distinctive studded leather belt doubled through the belt loops of her jeans was identical to the one favored by Sarah Burton, creative director of Alexander McQueen,” she notes, “as were the ballet pumps.”

Or was Burton just a decoy?

She has been on the short list of designers who could be creating Kate Middleton’s wedding dress after an executive at the company let it slip that the bride will wear a McQueen dress.

The Palace won’t deny or confirm who is creating the future Queen of England’s gown but will release the name of the designer at 11 a.m. on April 29 as the bride and her father enter Westminster Abbey.

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