Kate Middleton Wedding Dress Update: Jasper Conran Among Three Royal Gown Designers

Photo: Getty Images
We've been told that three designers are each creating a wedding dress for Kate Middleton.

Not every British designer can be creating Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, but they're pretty good at keeping the royal rumor mill spinning.

Whether it's a “no comment,” an outright denial, or high-profile TV appearance that implies one's involvement, numerous names have been very publicly tossed in the hat. (A Philip Treacy topper, we presume.)

And while only a select few know who is actually designing the Royal Wedding dress, FashionEtc has learned that Jasper Conran may have landed the plum assignment; however, he is not alone.

Sources tell us that Middleton has commissioned three wedding dresses from three different designers, though not for the same reason Prince William's late mother had multiple gowns on hand when she married Prince Charles in 1981.

Diana enlisted Emanuel to create two wedding dresses. The first to wear, and the second—an exact replica—in case something happened to the original.

Kate, instead, has two "backups" should the designer of her chosen wedding dress be correctly leaked, in which case she'll wear one of the others.

And like many 21st-century brides, Middleton will change from her wedding ceremony dress into a reception dress for the very exclusive Buckingham Palace party Prince Charles is hosting the evening of April 29 in honor of his son's marriage.

If it were up to Diane von Furstenberg, the brunette beauty would don McQueen (the label favored to be designing the wedding dress), and Bruno Frisoni thinks flats are the way to go.

Whatever the royal bride-to-be ends up wearing, it sounds like she's got things under control.

Whether she'll complete her look with a tiara, now that's another story.

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