Christian Lacroix Launching Furniture Collection

Sicis furniture Christian Lacroix moodboard collage
Photo courtesy of Christian Lacroix
Christian Lacroix's moodboard

His couture and ready-to-wear house may be no longer, but Christian Lacroix has been keeping plenty busy, thank you very much.

While his brand (which continues to operate licenses without the guidance of the man himself) is still creating accessories, Mr. Lacroix has created a collection for Spanish high-street brand Desigual—but his new project is back in the luxury arena he knows so well.

Lacroix has designed a line of furniture for Italian company Sicis, inspired by a mosaic illustration he created of Byzantine empress Theodora, which will be on display from April 12 through April 17 at the Salon del Mobile Milan fair.

“The juxtaposition of intricate work and artisanal incrustations evokes exactly what I did in Haute Couture,” Lacroix said in a release. “What really appeals when working with Sicis is the way in which we can create the trompe l’oeil effect or a treasure’s richness or a miniature’s complexity or the purity of a metallic tint achieved via tiny stone and glass splinters.”

Sound intricate? It certainly is. What else would you expect from Lacroix?

According to the designer, though fashion was his life for a while, his love for interiors has been with him since childhood.

“I think of the 1950s when I was a child—silent and well mannered but bored to death,” he said. “How I used to re-create everything in my head—not only the appearance of those in my inner circle but also the decoration of the houses where I was brought. Returning to my bedroom, I would draw everything as if it was costumes and stage sets because the performance idea made me feel part of the world. Theatre, opera or cinema, I only liked life that appeared via images, exalted by words and made grandiose by the décor, the criterions and order of aesthetic codes being well established.”

Sicis bergere Christian Lacroix

Photo courtesy of Christian Lacroix

A Sicis bergere designed by Mr. Lacroix.

The collection, which will hit Sicis showrooms in June, consists of armchairs, sofas, daybeds, chairs, cushions and lamps in bold florals, stripes, and rich colors. Some pieces are meant to fit together, “like a modulated puzzle gone infinite,” he said, “representing a mosaic-like assembly of furniture. The motifs, colors and materials further the refinement and individuality, as do mixing leathers, brocade, velvets, etc.”

So if your closet has been mourning the absence of new Lacroix, now your living room can make up for it.

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