David Beckham Buying Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewelry for Victoria?

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Photo courtesy of Christie's

Emerald and diamond Bulgari jewelry of the late Elizabeth Taylor (gifts from Richard Burton), to be auctioned off at Christie's. The set is estimated to be worth over $2.5 million.

We thought her collection of Birkins was pretty impressive, but it looks like diamonds are also a (former Spice) Girl’s best friend.

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Photo: Getty Images
David Beckham is reportedly the buyer of Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry.

Elizabeth Taylor’s spectacular collection of show-stopping jewelry will go up for auction at Christie's in December, and rumor has it that David Beckham is planning to scoop up the gems for wife Victoria.

According to Contact Music, the lavish gift comes in honor of the couple’s baby daughter, two-month-old Harper Seven. (She may be too young for diamonds now, but think of the hand-me-downs!)

"David's been so happy since Harper was born, he feels like him and Victoria are falling in love all over again,” a source said of the couple. “He wants to show it with the most impressive gifts possible."

Impressive, indeed—the collection has been valued at $150 million and includes the famous 70-carat Taylor-Burton diamond.

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