Hermès Hires 400 to Keep Up with Demand

crocodile Hermes Birkin Bag

Photo: Getty Images

A drool-inducing Hermès Birkin bag in crocodile

They’re called It bags for a reason, and Hermès is nothing if not the originator—with many thanks to Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin, of course.

The iconic French luxury brand just announced a 49.5 percent jump in first-half profits, with a net income totaling 290.9 million euros, or $418.6 million at current exchange rates.

It’s quite a chunk of change, even considering the Kelly and Birkin bags can easily go for tens of thousands of dollars a pop. But to keep up with ever-growing demand, the company has reportedly hired nearly 400 new employees.

“We are selling at the rate we are producing,” Hermès CEO Patrick Thomas told the Guardian. "We haven't yet seen a reduction in the number of people coming into our shops, not even in Japan [following the earthquake and tsunami disaster] ... ”

So, if there’s a Kelly calling your name, get thee to an Hermès store! We have a feeling the whole waiting list phenomenon may soon come back into play, and a faux just won’t cut it ...

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