Hermès Sues Thursday Friday for Selling 'Birkin' Totes

Hermès is suing accessories brand Thursday Friday over its 'Birkin' tote.

Hermès is totes upset right now—and we mean that literally.

The French luxe label is suing accessories company Thursday Friday for selling eco-friendly canvas totes with photos of Hermès’s iconic Birkin handbags printed on them.

According to the legal documents, published on style site SheFinds, Hermès believes Thursday Friday is “riding on the reputation and recognition of the Birkin bag to sell its otherwise generic tote bags” and “creating confusion among the public.”

The site does not mention the dollar amount of the damages Hermès is seeking.

Thursday Friday describes its $35 Together bags—available in Red, Camel, and Blue—as having a “surreal design that references luxury but ultimately works as easily as your favorite jeans.”

Moreover, the company claims, the totes are perfect for “all types of shopping: the drugstore, Target, office supplies, anything.”

Yes, but are they appropriate when shopping for a lawyer? Stay tuned.

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