Selena Gomez Goes ’60s-Chic for Glamour, Talks Justin Bieber

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Photos courtesy of Glamour

Far out! Selena Gomez is a fashion throwback in the September issue of Glamour.

She may have been born in the ’90s, but that doesn’t mean Selena Gomez doesn’t have love for the 1960s.

The 19-year-old singer/actress goes retro for the Rihanna-fronted September issue of Glamour, which sees her rocking vintage-inspired designs for photographer Matthias Vriens-McGrath while opening up about battling criticism, cyberbullies, and Justin Bieber fans who would rather she not date their heartthrob, mmm-kay?

Saying that she and the Biebs might collaborate “if it comes naturally or organically,” Gomez admits that backlash from jealous Beliebers can sometimes sting.

“Yeah, I’m human, so of course certain things sometimes hurt,” she says in reference to threatening messages posted by her boyfriend's fans. “I just laugh at it.”

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Photo courtesy of Glamour
Rihanna on the September cover of Glamour

Gomez also keeps up a cheerful appearance in her fashion spread, playfully flashing a bubblegum-pink pout in a white Carolina Herrera dress paired with cat-eye sunglasses from Tom Ford, plus looks from Isaac Mizrahi New York, Mulberry, and Marc by Marc Jacobs.

And though she thinks the Internet can be “evil” at times, the star doesn’t regret the high-profile life she’s chosen for herself.

“I think it would be selfish of me to say that, because I asked for this life,” she says. “I understand that’s part of the job. I just put my head down and continue to walk forward."

And if a certain teen dream happens to be walking alongside her, who are we to hate?

Meanwhile, see Selena’s style at the Teen Choice Awards.

For more of Gomez's interview, visit Glamour online and pick up the September issue, out August 9.