Lipstick May Lead to Heart Problems

Photo: Getty Images

Who knew a little lippy could have long-term health risks?

Unsettling new cosmetic research reveals chemicals in lipstick that are linked to heart and muscle problems, according to the Daily Mail.

Chemicals such as parabens, methacrylate, lead and cadmium have been of concern for years, yet the latest substance in question is called triclosan. Used as a preservative in many mainstream lipsticks—as well as toothpaste, soaps and deodorant—the chemical is linked to muscle and heart problems, and may hinder the process by which the heart receives signals from the brain, resulting in thyroid and fertility issues.

Triclosan is currently under investigation by the U.S. Environmental ­Protection Agency. Johnson & Johnson, the multi-national manufacturers of health care products and pharmaceuticals and producer of Listerine and Neutrogena, recently promised to remove triclosan and other problematic chemicals from all of its skincare products.

Although the nude lip was seen across the fall 2012 runways, the thought of eliminating that sexy pop of red or glossy pink from your cosmetic case may cause heart palpitations in and of itself.

While no concrete evidence exists, we can't imagine the riot a lipstick-less world would create? What will Gwen Stefani do sans her signature scarlet or Dita von Teese without her always painted pout?

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