Amanda Russell: The Cool Down Workout

Extreme muscle soreness? Injuries? Post-workout dizzyness? Often these less than desirable things are products of skipping proper warm-ups and cool downs.

I started this series with showing you my ‘go-to’ Dynamic Warm-Up (which I hope you’re getting into). However, the cool down is JUST as important as the warm-up, AND if you’re innately like me and want to maximize the ‘intense’ portion of the workout while your short on time, FIGHT the urge, it’s better to properly cool down and get your body to a great state, then to squeeze in the extra 5 minutes and be side-lined or less than effective in your next workout!

In case I haven’t convinced you enough, here are some Benefits of a Proper Cool Down:

• Reduces STRESS on your body: Your heart rate and respiration return to normal, which decreases stress and makes you less likely to experience post-exercise fatigue or burn out.

• FLUSH IT OUT: The toxins and lactic acid that have built up can now be flushed out, rather than pooling and causing post-exercise soreness.

• Decrease Swelling & Pain: Suddenly stopping exercise without a cool down can lead to blood pooling which often leads to pain and swelling.

• Essential for Growth & Repair: Blood circulation returns to normal during a cool down, thus allowing the oxygen to return to the blood, where it can be carried to the muscles, tendons and ligaments, which need it for growth and repair.

The Cool Down

• Jogging on Spot: 30 seconds

• Marching on Spot: 30 seconds

• ITB - left

• Hamstring- Ups Stretch - left

• Lunge Quad Stretch -left

• Pigeon-left

• + ITB, Ham, lunge, pigeon right

• Bridge Ups

• Stand – Tricep Stretch

• Spine Alignment into Backbend

DONE? Just about! The hard work is behind you, but to make it to the finish line for a ‘perfect workout’, you need to re-hydrate and re-fuel!

To Re-Fuel, I recommend something with some carbs, protein and electrolytes. Some Greek Yogurt mixed with Chia Seeds (order Health Warrior Chia online)- and you have the PERFECT post workout fuel!

Hydration is KEY! But plain water gets boring! Try Coconut Water (ZICO has the best flavors)! Plus it’s higher than a banana in potassium and loaded with electrolytes!

This cool down is great for not experiencing muscle soreness, and will have you looking fabulous AND refreshed after a great workout!

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