Gwen Stefani's Got The Look

Might Gwen Stefani be on the next season of Hoarders? The Harper's Bazaar cover girl does cop to owning a lot of clothes, but until we catch a peep of her on the horrific show, we're just fine with hearing from her on the magazine's web series.

Following Kiernan Shipka, Christina Hendricks, Ashley Greene, and Kim Kardashian, the No Doubt frontwoman and L.A.M.B. designer sits down for The Look with Laura Brown.

The style standout has accumulated a lot of clothes ("I have a lot of white tank tops," she admits), but surely, she's not holding onto all of her archived ensembles? "I have a lot of storage," Stefani says. "I've never been there but I can imagine. I know that I have this place that someone told me where the clothes go…"

As for that signature pout? Stefani wears it for her hubs, rocker Gavin Rossdale: "He likes that red lip."

(Editor's note: this is the World's Greatest Mystery. We're so perplexed how the lipstick stays so perfectly on her mouth, not on her teeth or say, her forehead [it has happened]. Sorcery?! Teach us your ways, Gwen!)