Mad Men’s Kiernan Shipka on Taekwondo, Jimmy Fallon, and Oscar de la Renta

We don't want to spoil any of Mad Men's major plot points to those seriously lagging behind (surely you have a good excuse) or anyone thinking of starting the stellar AMC drama (again, surely you have a good excuse?), but poor Sally Draper: kid has a hard road.

Fortunately, the actress playing the future teenage terror, Kiernan Shipka has a much better—and French-braided—head on her shoulders.

Sporting Chanel kicks (gifted by her grandparents) and a Peter Pan collared blouse, the preteen chats with Harper's Bazaar's Laura Brown in this latest installment of the mag's video series, The Look, and takes us on a dig through her very stuffed closet.

Shipka shows off her Taekwondo belts, self-designed dresses, and yes, Oscar de la Renta. Also in-stock? A pair of Sally Draper's go-go boots from the set and a tee from her appearance on Jimmy Fallon.

We don't mean to betray our age, but when we were 12, you can bet our armoires were packed with Umbros and Limited Too hologram tees. No Oscar in sight, that's for sure.