Paris Haute Couture Spring 2011 Beauty Trends

Couture Fall 2011

Photos: Getty Images | Imaxtree (2)

Dramatic beauty on the Paris Haute Couture Spring 2011 runways of Chanel, Armani Privé, and Dior.

Befitting the world of couture, the beauty looks at the Paris Haute Couture Spring 2011 shows were richly done, luxurious, and unapologetic. Shoving aside the loose hair and "natural" beauty of previous seasons, the edgiest houses—Gaultier, Dior—went with their trademark joie de vivre wildness (Mohawks; a blast of yellow and teal eye shadow plus red lips, liner, blush, and anything else that could fit on the model's face). It all looked gorgeous. Hot models looked like hot models, not art zombies.

Last season, Armani Privé, Chanel, and Givenchy showcased flowing hair and natural-but-better beauty; this year it was a whole different ball game.

On the edgy side: At Armani Privé, Linda Cantello painted lips the most hypnotic shade of laser-gun purple, finished off with a gleaming, pure-blue crystal affixed to the lower lip. Nails were filed short and round and painted to match. The presentation was so meticulous—perfectly penciled in, painted on—that it was like staring at dozens of tiny little masterpieces.

Dior paired liquid liner—a wicked-looking, totally exaggerated swoop up to here and out to there—with gloriously swirled updos, patent-leather red lips, and lavishly colorful eye shadow. Very glamorous, very sexy.

On the pretty side: Elie Saab's long, tawny beauties and Chanel's mussed but enchanting princesses. Both looks kept the focus on one strong thing: Chanel took the cat eyeliner and softened it with sorbet blush and undone updos while Saab put the focus on golden skin—arms, chest, faces, you name it. Regardless of whether you're a good or bad girl, the message was look hot.

Based on the fact that no one showcased anything but hair styled up and back—including soft-beauty-loving Alexis Mabille, and Bouchra Jarrar, whose crisp, minimalist designs demanded makeup to match—the across-the-board hair direction for 2011 is: Get it out of your face, grown-up style.