Rachel Zoe Talks Exude Lipstick, Kids’ Clothing Line

rachael zoe exude lipstick

Photo courtesy of Exude Lipstick

Something to pout about: The sleek Exude Lipstick collection.

She’s got a contemporary clothing line, a collection for QVC, a brand-new baby at home, a ridiculously successful reality show, and—oh yeah—a celebrity styling empire. But Rachel Zoe isn’t stopping yet.

The TV star has signed on to be the ambassador for Exude Lipstick, a new line of lippy that uses a unique application process: unlike normal tubes of lipstick, the creamy color is actually pumped through an opening in the plastic, lipstick-shaped applicator, so it never wears down, melts, or loses its shape.

“I’ve gone through a bajillion lipsticks in my life,” Zoe told FashionEtc at the July 28th launch event for Exude. “I’ve been wearing lipstick since I was 12 or 11! To see something new at this point—in an application and the actual product—I loved both of them so much that I thought this was a great thing to stand behind.”

The brand-new line is the brainchild of Diane Breidenbach and her husband, Laurence Mille, who are responsible for the fragrance roll-on applicator now ubiquitous across the beauty industry. “We have a 16-year history in the cosmetics industry,” said Breidenbach. “The fragrance delivery we invented was so unique, so we thought, why don’t we do something with lipstick?”

“So she doesn’t have to dig down in the bottom of the tube anymore!” Mille added.

"And I have ruined more bags with melted lipsticks that have gotten everywhere..." Zoe chimed in. "Nightmare!"

The lipstick will debut at, with the 14 different shades retailing for $29 a pop.

As for Zoe, she says the beauty industry suits her. “I haven’t really touched the beauty category yet, and it just seemed like the perfect marriage and the perfect fit,” she said. “Though I really could open a cosmetics store in my house!”

For now, though, her hands are full with her other full-time jobs—and new moms may be sorry to hear that a rumored children’s fashion line is currently just a dream. “I would very much love to do something in kids’ clothing, at some point,” she said. “I dress my son up every day, and he can’t even appreciate it yet! As soon as he’s old enough to appreciate it, he’s not going to wear any of it. He’s going to be like, Mom, all I want to wear is Nike!”