Kate Moss Strips Down for Rimmel Collection Video

When we first got word of Kate Moss’s debut collaboration with Rimmel London, we couldn’t wait to see what the supermodel had up her sleeve. And now, we get a peek!

The just-released short film, which celebrates the collaboration between the brand and its long-running spokeswoman, provides a glimpse into the newlywed’s glamorous world.

If it were anyone else, we’d find the whole thing completely over-the-top and unbelievable, but this is Kate Moss we’re talking about.

In the video, the blonde beauty wakes up alongside three other models before dashing off to rock out with The Vaccines, all while trying to evade the lens of a voyeuristic man in hot pursuit of the stunner (wearing a white button-down and little else much of the time).

The footage also sees Moss running around in a military jacket, in her underwear (sans shirt), and in a red slip dress—with matching Rimmel lips—on a rooftop, from which she escapes by helicopter, naturally.

We’re not quite sure how she found the time to create her seven-color lip collection—maybe she had a few spare moments between setting off the sprinkler system on her trio of bed buddies and crashing a music video?

As for her Union Jack guitar solo and sultry photo shoot, well, you’ll just have to watch the video (above) for yourself.

Kate Moss’s Rimmel lip colors hit beauty counters October 15.