UberKitties Take a Fun Romp Around Grace Coddington’s Vogue Office!

National Cat Day became UberKittens for part of the day in several cities around the country on October 29th. Instead of ordering a driver, during this time Uber users could order – kittens!

That’s right – In a partnership with homeless cat shelters all over the country, UberKittens provides a fun 15 minute kitten break into someone’s day for only $30 – with funds going towards cat shelters and the hopes of raising the adoption numbers. UberKittens just celebrated its third successful year. Last year, in only 7 cities, they raised more than $17,000, in only 4 hours, and 21 kittens were adopted.

Grace Coddington herself ordered up 3 adorable 8-week-old kittens to visit her Vogue office, and as you can see from this video, the four of them sure had a lot of fun!