Brad Pitt Talks Chanel Spoofs and His Wedding at 'Killing Them Softly' Premiere

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Brad Pitt at the Killing Them Softly screening.

The paparazzi caught wind that Brad Pitt was showing up to promote his Killing Them Softly film, and the Chelsea New York City theater was instantly swarmed with flashing lights and crowds of photographers clambering to get a shot of the smoldering Pitt.

Hosted by The Cinema Society, Men's Health & DeLeón Tequila, the screening of The Weinstein Company's Killing Them Softly, with Brad in attendance, brought plenty of A-list faces, from Kanye West, Amy Adams and Marion Cotillard to Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman.

With long hair and his timeless, untouchable sex appeal, Brad Pitt talked briefly to FashionEtc on the red carpet about his buzzed about Chanel ads and upcoming nuptials.

Do you have any idea what you were saying in the Chanel ads?

"Ha, you should see the French one," Pitt laughed, followed by saying he wasn't at all surprised there were parodies made: "totally fair play," adding that he really respects the iconic brand and everything they do.

Are you and Angelina planning on getting married anytime soon?

"I am getting more pressure from my kids. It's something I want to do within their lifetime, and I also feel like it's the right time. The time has come." Pitt said.

Walking the red carpet before Pitt, model Anja Rubik told FashionEtc, "I'm excited to see the movie. I've heard a lot about it, and I'm excited to see Brad Pitt on screen."

"What did you think of Pitt's Chanel ads?", we asked. "The Saturday Night Live spoof killed the Chanel ads for me. After seeing that, I can't look at the ads seriously anymore. I love the choice though. When I heard he was chosen, I thought it was a fantastic idea."