Around Town: Ferragamo’s Signorina Launch Party

Emma Roberts and Kate Mara
Photo: Patrick McMullan
Emma Roberts and Kate Mara.

With New York’s balmy weather and the wall of flowers greeting attendees at Ferragamo’s Signorina fragrance launch party on the first day of spring, it felt like the Italian design house was welcoming the new season itself.

At Palazzo Chupi, artist Julian Schnabel’s fanciful pink West Village compound, attendees first headed upstairs for a dinner, then down to the main floor for a party featuring a performance by the band I Blame Coco, fronted by Coco Sumner, who is following in her father Sting’s musical footsteps.

Watching the performance, actress Kate Mara noted that fashion firms are often family businesses. “The Ferragamo family, the Prada family; there are so many organizations that also have an entire family behind them, which I love,” Mara told FashionEtc. She’s particularly enamored of the house's accessories. “I’m a shoe girl, but I’m slowly becoming obsessed with bags.” Showing us her Ferragamo clutch, Mara said, “This one’s amazing, and they have a bunch that are this style.”

“The Ferragamos are just amazing people,” agreed Emma Roberts. “I love all their designs,” the actress said. “They do stuff for younger people and older people, and I really love that.” Roberts, too, has become enamored of the clutch. “I love this bag I have tonight,” she said, showing us her shiny silver Ferragamo number. (Did she and Mara compare notes?)

18-year-old AnnaSophia Robb couldn’t stay too late at the party; she was due early the next morning to play the young Carrie Bradshaw on the set of the TV series The Carrie Diaries. “Our first day is tomorrow,” she said. “I’m leaving right now, actually,” Robb said. She’s too young to have watched Sex and the City when it first aired, but has been watching episodes to prepare for the role. Sarah Jessica Parker even sent her a note! “It was nice to get an encouraging letter from her,” Robb said.

In the original Carrie Diaries book, we noted, the high school-aged protagonist was not so besotted with clothes—so will fashion loom large on the show? “Very much so,” she said. (Whew!) Another thing we can expect: cute guys, natch. But no Cosmos; these are high school kids.

Those who got to sample the cocktails and stay a bit later at the Ferragamo bash included Piper Perabo, Ari Graynor, Courtney Love, Stella Schnabel and Veronica Webb, who said that the accessory she goes overboard with is jewelry. “I mean, when you live with the expert,” Webb said, gesturing at fiancé Chris Del Gatto, of Circa, a company that buys jewelry. Does Webb have a jewelry closet, like Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe closet? “No comment,” said Del Gatto. “Security breach.”