Burberry’s Christopher Bailey Talks Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at Saks Event

Hamish Bowles Christopher Bailey
Photo courtesy of Burberry
Hamish Bowles and Christopher Bailey.

A week after Saks Fifth Avenue unveiled its Burberry Beauty counter (the first in New York!), the department store got a visit from Mr. Burberry himself: chief creative officer Christopher Bailey on October 25.

Though his home base is London (naturally), Bailey celebrated his visit to the States with an intimate cocktail party at the Burberry shop on the second floor of Saks.

“The welcome that we’ve been given is incredible,” Bailey said between mingling with customers and Burberry supporters like Hamish Bowles, GQ's Jim Moore, and Fabiola Beracasa. “The energy is phenomenal.”

And though it’s a quick trip, he did get to squeeze in one particularly moving experience.

“I did something today that kind of blew my mind—I went out to Brooklyn and I saw one of the charter schools that we work with through our foundation,” Bailey told FashionEtc. “That’s something that I want to put on my schedule every time when I’m in New York now. The kids were inspiring. The teachers were these unbelievable people that really changed my world a little bit. They really made me fans of theirs.”

His U.S. trip also includes a Los Angeles event that will reunite him with muse Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. “I’m so excited to see her!” Bailey said. “ We’ve been emailing—we keep in touch all the time. She’s one of us!”

Have room for another?

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