Old Navy’s College Tees Get Grammar Lesson

old navy
Old Navy’s grammatically incorrect tee

Old Navy is off to college ... and now it’s getting schooled.

The retailer has been left red-faced after it was revealed that its just-launched line of SuperFan Nation collegiate sports T-shirts commit a grammar foul, the Syracuse Post-Standard reports.

The tees, which show support for college teams like Duke, Notre Dame, and the University of Texas, read “Lets Go!!”—leaving out the crucial apostrophe in the word “Let’s” (a contraction for “let us”) and, dare we say, adding one more exclamation point than necessary?

Ironically, the online text for the T-shirts uses the grammatically correct “Let’s Go!!” description.

Old Navy and its parent company Gap Inc. have yet to comment on the slip-up, while Syracuse University, one of the 70-plus universities represented, is looking into who approved the copy.

We have an idea: Let’s revisit Schoolhouse Rock.