San Francisco Woman Assaults Man with Louboutin


Ouch: Christian Louboutin's Asteroid suede and patent-leather pumps, $1,595.

We always knew those spike heels could be dangerous.

The search for a San Francisco woman who allegedly assaulted a man with her Christian Louboutin stiletto has gone viral, and even helped the victim track down his attacker.

Matt Meidinger says he was leaving a bar in the Marina area of the city when he accidentally kicked the Louboutin of a woman who was removing her shoes on the sidewalk. (Rough night in too-tall shoes? We’ve been there, lady.) A male friend of the woman proceeded to punch Meidinger for his misstep, and Gawker reports that Meidinger shot back, "Whoa! Take it easy! Kicking a shoe doesn't equal a punch in the face, Louboutins or not!"

Apparently, the woman didn’t agree, and smashed her beloved shoe down on Meidinger’s head, putting him in the emergency room.

Luckily, the victim had a moment (presumably before his injury) to snap a picture of the woman, which he then posted to Twitter and Facebook, offering a $500 reward for her identification.

She was reportedly found, and the San Francisco police are now handling the case.