Woman Attacks ATM with High Heel

stiletto murder
Photo: Getty Images
Mad cash: a woman in England attacked an ATM machine with her heel.

Meet one hell-raising heel-raiser.

Police in Chippenham, England, are on the hunt for a young woman who was caught on security camera hitting her high heel against a (presumably faulty) ATM, the Telegraph reports.

Just after midnight on July 2, the woman can be seen waiting at Barclays ATM for several minutes before taking off her right shoe and then bashing it against the machine "almost 50 times." We really hope they weren't Louboutins—that would be a crime!

At one point, she even backs up to give herself a running start before attacking the machine. (Guess that's what they call a dash for cash?)

And while it's not clear if the assailant ever got her money out, she did manage to mess up the screen and key pad (and, no doubt, that harmless heel).

"This was a completely senseless and inane act which caused sufficient damage to make the machine unusable for other customers," Detective Constable Richard Gardner of Wiltshire Police tells the paper. "I would like to hear from anyone who recognizes the woman shown in the CCTV or who has any information in relation to this incident."

Footloose and on the loose? Watch out!

Meanwhile, a high heel may have been an "accessory" to murder in another bizarre case.