Woman Accused of Killing Boyfriend with Stiletto Heel

stiletto murder
Photo: Getty Images
A Georgia woman has been charged with murdering her boyfriend using a stiletto heel.

Talk about being an accessory to murder ...

A 46-year-old woman in Augusta, Georgia is being accused of killing her boyfriend by allegedly striking him on the head with her stiletto heel, local affiliate WRDW reports.

Police investigating the death of 58-year-old Robert Higdon charge that Thelma Carter used her spiked heel as a weapon in an altercation at their trailer home in the early hours of August 1.

"She said, 'My guy, he is not moving,'" Michelle Vowell, Carter's neighbor, told WRDW. "She came to my door disoriented and she said, 'Please help me call 911, I can't dial 911.'"

Vowell says Carter, who is suspected of waiting several hours after the incident before contacting police, was pacing back and forth with her cell phone in her hand.

"I touched his body and it seemed as if he had been lying there for hours," says Vowell, who checked on Higdon after calling police. "Something seemed strange about the scene."

Though Vowell maintains that she "did not see any kind of shoe near him at all," she found it strange that the couple's home appeared quiet and empty the previous night.

"She did not seem truly upset," adds Vowell. "She just seemed distraught."

Carter, meanwhile, says that she returned home to find her boyfriend dead, though police believe that she put her shoe back on and left the scene before reporting the death.

An autopsy is expected to determine just how many times Higdon was struck with the heel. In the meantime, Carter has been charged with murder.