John Galliano Show Canceled

namanda seyfried
Photo: Imaxtree
A look from the John Galliano Spring 2011 collection

Update: It's been confirmed that the John Galliano Fall 2011 Collection will be a presentation, not a runway show, WWD reports.

Paris sources tell FashionEtc the John Galliano show—the eponymous collection of Galliano (which, unlike Christian Dior, he is still designing—for now)—has been canceled. However, according to a public relations spokesperson for the brand, the show will go on, though “the format has yet to be determined.”

The back-and-forth rumors may be confusing but, in essence, the planned runway show is likely being replaced with a presentation or something more appropriate given the circumstances and will still take place March 6.

In a week filled with never-ending news about the designer, the fashion world waits curiously to see just how this matter will be handled.

After the public outcry over a video showing what appears to be the designer saying, “I love Hitler,” and, “Your mothers, your forefathers would all be f—– gassed,” it’s no wonder the powers that be are considering pulling the plug on the show.

The industry’s response has tended toward the empathetic—Suzy Menkes condemned his words but felt there was a “pathos in the vision of one of the world’s most famous—and best paid—designers alone, clutching a glass in a bar,” while WWD’s Bridget Foley compared his downfall to the death of Alexander McQueen.

Even though some may feel they didn’t do enough to help the troubled designer before things went too far, would they support him now by going to a John Galliano show? The brand’s parent company may not be betting on it.

If the show is indeed canceled or scaled back, what this will mean for the future of the line is anyone’s guess, but as it barely breaks even financially, the outlook is not great.

In the meantime, the saga continues ...